130717 Wednesday





“The Woehlke”

Four Rounds For Time Of:

7 pull-ups
6 155/95 Clean
5 155/95 Front Squat
4 155/95 Push Jerk
3 275/ 185 Deadlift
2 #50 dumbbell carry 100 meters
1 200 meter run
50 sit-ups/ 25 pushups

We will being doing a WOD/Fundraiser for Brian Woehlke all day. It will be the WOD for ALL classes on Wednesday. Brian Woehlke was 29 years old. He began working for the Wayne/Westland Fire Authority on July 17th, 2012. Previously to that he was a firefighter in Redford. He was a great firefighter, golfer, and bowler. He loved being a firefighter. He loved being a father.  Brian died in a structure fire May 8th, 2013. He was on the attack line, and then conditions quickly worsened. Brian became separated from his crew. After a brave effort to save him, the building had a flashover, and then the ceiling collapsed. Crews searched for Brian for hours until his body was removed by his brothers. He is survived by his wife Jenifer and his 15 month old daughter Ava.
… Brian was in training for the Tough Mudder and was doing Crossfit workouts in the morning before shift to get ready. His partner Tony Lyssiotis created this WOD in his honor.  Thanks to all for doing this WOD. We will be passing around a boot to collect donations that will be presented directly to his family.  Wednesday would be the end of Brian’s probation, which I know he was looking forward to. Stay safe.

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