Congrats to our Coach Eric Bartlett for placing 3rd at The 2012 CrossFit Games, Masters Division ages 45-49yrs.
Eric Bartlett Crossfit Games 2012

About Us

CrossFit Lower Town started Old Village, just around the corner from Downtown Plymouth, Michigan and eventually expanded to the heart of Downtown Plymouth, kitty corner from the Kellogg Park Fountain, in the historical Saxton’s building.   We recently moved (again) to a larger facility in an industrial park off the Ann Arbor Rd. corridor in Plymouth a short distance from our last building.  We coach members in CrossFit methodology to better their sports, jobs, and LIVES. By definition, CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Our focus concentrates on everything from running, rowing, kettlebells, and Olympic Weight Lifting, to body-weight movements, and the list goes on. We provide a constantly varied program which helps the body progress along with keeping workouts exciting. Our programming always has an underlying goal and expectation. Expectations vary from getting stronger to increasing endurance. At Lower Town we have members from soccer moms, students to professional athletes and grandparents, to everyday people that all share a common goal…. to be HEALTHY. Every workout is infinitely scalable. We can adjust the daily workouts to meet the current level of any individual.

Lower Town is more then a place to exercise. It’s a community; a place where members become more then familiar faces. It’s a place where members become friends outside the gym walls. A network of friends and helping hands becomes the everyday norm. It’s a place where people can feel vulnerable while trying something new because they will be encouraged by everyone regardless of success or failure. It’s where the last person to finish gets the most cheers.