12 Key Things that Make the Facility World Class


  1. We have adequate floor space to serve classes with over 30 athletes with space for our apprentice coaches to facilitate one on one personal training at the same time. We also have an area with 6,000 square foot of indoor field turf!
  2. Plymouth Crossfit Lower Town’s eighteen foot ceilings provide a spacious feeling while providing room for critical CrossFit movements, like rope climbs.
  3. You can drop weights since our space is covered from wall to wall with rubber flooring as this provides a safer environment for lifting weights.
  4. We have plenty of parking so you are never getting into fights in the parking lot over a space like you do at the mall during Christmas.
  5. We like to workout but we enjoy socializing with cool people even more. We get together a lot to hangout, so when you join you get a bunch of friends for free.
  6. We have an athlete lobby to mingle, socialize or roll out and you won’t interrupt classes
  7. We have a brand new spacious shower facility in case you need to get back to work right after you crush the WOD.
  8. We have a separate Olympic lifting area that won’t interrupt classes where you can work on lifts or do extra’s!
  9. Outside of our big bay door we have a LARGE flat parking lot to play in, along with field areas. Also outside we have a pull up rig attached to the building!!
  10. We do not have JUNK equipment!!! You invest in us, we invest in you! All of our equipment is good brand name quality made in the USA!
  11. We have a commercial grade floor cleaner, the Buldog WD20!! Which keeps our floors spotless DAILY!!
  12. Our Programming is done by our friend and mastermind Doug Chapman. Doug is a true CrossFit O.G. and has programmed/coached several world class athletes for many years. Doug was named head coach of the Miami Surge – NPGL in 2015. There is a science to getting stronger and faster and the grease board at the DChap lab is packed with fun activities! So whether you want to stand on the podium or just walk up the stairs with out being out of breath we have you covered with hours of daily programming to fit anyones needs and help you get you where you want to be!