It’s no secret we need more space!!….We have looked into A LOT of options…keeping 2 important things in mind, staying in the Downtown Plymouth Community and our CFLT family. We are happy to announce, that we will be moving to the Historical Saxton’s Building right in Downtown Plymouth across from the fountain in Kellogg Park!! 587 West Ann Arbor Trail, less than a mile (.7) from Amelia! Target opening date Jan. 5th. Details to follow…Same community, same classes, same coaches, same rates with more space.

This will allow us to better accomodate our CFLT family and WE PROMISE to be 100% committed to you and remain a CrossFit ONLY facility!! If anyone has any ques/comments/concerns please contact Matt, Kelly, Brian or Dana anytime at 734-404-5817.

Thank you for your patience and being a part of the CFLT Family!! It is greatly appreciated..and very special to us!!

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