Month: August 2012

120831 Friday

Warm Up :15 Jumping Jacks :15 Squat :15 Mountain Climbers :15 Jump Squats 4 Rounds Running Drills :15 Plank :15 Superman :15 Side Plank-R :15 Side Plank-L 4 Rounds 3020/30 With bands   WOD “The Chief” 3 Power Cleans (135/95) 6 Push Ups 9 Squats 3min AMRAP/ 1min Rest 5 Rounds


**Lower Town Members** We could not be more excited to announce our new coaches, Alonso Duran, Brian Hatton, Mark Hughes and Sarah Stobbe. We loved seeing Alonso grow as an athlete and are equally excited to see him grow as a coach. Brian is a long time member, with a great passion for olympic lifting. …

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120830 Thursday

Warm Up 400m Run 30/20/30 -No Bands Snatch Progressions 3 Rounds   WOD 7 Power Snatches (135/95)….Games Athletes(155/105) 7 Burpees  (over the bar) 3min AMRAP….Rest 1min 5 Rounds

120829 Wednesday

Warm Up 400m Run 30/20/30 Then 1 Wall Walk 10 Squats 5 Rounds   WOD Shoulder to Overhead: Max Reps (135/95) 100m Run 15min AMRAP *Track Total Reps-set ends when bar hits the ground

120827 Monday

Warm Up 400m Run 30/20/30 Barbell Complex 2 DL 2 Muscle Cleans 2 FSQ 2 Hang Cleans 2 Lunges 2 Push Jerks 3 Rounds   WOD (#135/95)….”Games Athletes” (#185/135) 2 DL 2 Cleans 2 Lunges (R/L) 2 Push Jerks 20min AMRAP

120825 Saturday

WOD “Fight Gone Bad” 1min Stations with 1min rest after all 5 stations Row (cal) Box Jumps Push Press (75/55) Wall Ball Sumo Dead Lift High Pull 3 Rounds            

120824 Friday

Warm Up :15 Jumping Jack :15 Squat :15 Mountain Climber :15 Jump Squat 4 Rounds Running Drills :15 Plank :15 Superman :15 Side Plank-L :15 Side Plank-R 4 Rounds   WOD 25yds Walking Lunges- High Carry 5 Push Press 5 Push Jerk 20min AMRAP

120823 Thursday

Congratulations Jami & Jason Lukasik and Ryan & Andrea Hoff on there baby boys!!! Left: Ben Lukasik born June 27th. 9lbs 1oz and 21in long! Right: Owen Hoff born August 18th, 8lbs 10oz, 20.5in long!   Warm Up Running Drills 30/20/30   WOD 100m Run 10 Burpees 5 Rounds for time   STRENGTH Front Squat …

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120822 Wednesday

Warm Up 12 Bow Jumps 100m Run 12 KB Swings-American 100m Run 8min AMRAP 30/20/30 WOD Tabata :20/:10off 8rds-1min rest Squats Push Ups Sit ups STRENGTH Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 E3M

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