6 Week Bootcamp Challenge starts on
February 8th, 2021
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Dustin says...
"It's a great feeling to walk in as a beginner and feel welcomed. It's so hard to explain how much this place has changed our lives."
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Lose Body Fat In 6 Weeks
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Join the 1,000 + other Plymouth residents who have found consistency and lasting results here at CrossFit Lower Town.

Debbie says...
"You get the training you need...in a positive environment"
Get Fit Fast Find Out How
Meet Kayla
""I feel way more confident & healthier since starting at CrossFit Lower Town!""
Why Join The 6 Week Bootcamp Challenge?
We Have Combined All of Our
Fat Melting and Muscle Building Techniques into this Program...
Here's more about our program and this is how it will work:
  • Program Starts February 8th continues until March 19th.
  • Monday – Thursday @ 8:30am and 6pm (at the gym), Friday 8:30am (at the gym). Each Friday is a recorded Zoom class tailor made for home. You will receive a collection of 6 home workouts to keep for life.
  • 12+ years or older
  • 20+ Classes Designed to Transform your Body in 6-Weeks! Plus as an additional BONUS when you feel ready, you are welcome to come to the entire Gym’s Sunday Funday workouts!
  • Professional Coaches Guide you with a Proven Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Plan.
And it's really that simple…

Proven Results...

Experience life changing fitness results You can do this!
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I am currently the fittest I've ever been!
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From PERMANENTLY developing your LIFELONG FITNESS BASED LIFESTYLE... What is our proven process?
We can show you inside the program…
Don’t Be Fooled By Other "Fitness Challenges"
6 Week Bootcamp Challenge
  • Fun & effective fitness challenge!
  • Simple & easy to follow Meal Plan (No starve yourself diets).
  • Small Coach to athlete ratio to keep you safe while exercising.
  • Experienced Coaches modify workouts and work around all injuries and limitations.
  • Pre & post Challenge workout to showcase the amazing progress you will make.
  • 1-on-1 accountability from Coaches to insure you stay on track and meet your goals.
  • A fun results driven environment so you become self motivated by your own fitness progress.
  • A supportive community of other people just like you with similar goals.
  • Optional Discount on Eastern Michigan's Dexa Scan test, which gives a detailed body fat, bone density, and exact body composition.
"Other Fitness Challenges"
  • No assessments, or workouts to monitor progress.
  • Overcrowded and intimidating classes.
  • No accountability or personalized follow up from Coaches.
  • Inexperienced volunteer Coaches who do not correct form and technique.
  • Cookie cutter starve yourself meal plans.
We can show you inside the program…
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Special Formula 1: Foods That Fuel Shopping List

Fitness Tip: Remove all “junk food” from your home. You will be less likely to consume it, when it’s not around.

No need to ever again question if something is “healthy” for you or not. Our “Foods That Fuel Shopping List” tells no lies..

This step by step shopping list will guide you through the grocery store. Avoid becoming “suckered in” to buying junk food disguised as “health food”.
This is a fool proof shopping list.

Just print off a copy, go shopping, and check off each box as you put these items in your cart.

Special Formula 2: Exclusive "Members Only" Private Facebook Group

Our private “behind the scenes” Facebook group provides you with a virtual community of like minded individuals. All who are here to help support you on this fitness journey. Ask questions, get answers, download resources, cheat sheets, special guides, and even view “members only” special videos.

Due to limited space, and high demand…
We can only offer this program to a small group of 20 people. Who are seriously interested in increasing their fitness levels, and building the bodies of their dreams.
1. Where is Plymouth CrossFit Lower Town located?

Plymouth CrossFit Lower Town

9155 General Ct

Plymouth MI 48170

2. How can I contact you with questions?
We would love to hear from you. Click here to ask a question or just say hi.
3. What if I am out of shape and nervous, can I still do the Challenge?
We were all once new to CrossFit. Trust us, you’ll be totally fine. Our experienced Coaches specialize in working with beginners. We have modifications for every exercise. We design each workout to your fitness level. We do this all day everyday
4. What if I am unable to attend a session?
We offer Zoom workouts that we can send upon request if you are out of town or something unforeseen happens that day.
5. I have an injury, can I still do the Challenge?
Absolutely, we can work around any injuries and modify the workouts to avoid causing any pain to your body.
6. Does it include a meal plan?
Yes, we offer a meal plan and teach you how to choose the best foods. These plans won't dictate what you have to eat each day but will give you a great starting point to success.
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