Dan Forpahl


Certifications and Achievements: CF Level 2 trainer
Strongman certificate
Rowing certificate
Kettlebell certificate
Gymnastics certificate
Scaling certificate
Anatomy certificate
Judges course certificate
Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering

I had been athletic for most of my life, playing football and baseball youth sports and competing in football and wrestling in middle/high school. Upon attending college, sports were no longer a major part of my lifestyle other than the occasional recreational activity. My more sedentary lifestyle, mixed with poor eating & partying, led me to gain a significant amount of weight. After graduation I knew I needed to lose weight & get back into shape, so I joined a local rec facility. While there, transitioning between machines & cardio equipment, I realized I was bored out of my mind & if I didn’t find something else I most likely wouldn’t stick to this. I decided to look for a Crossfit because I had seen one of my friends posting about it. I signed up for an on-ramp class at a nearby gym & the rest is history.

Crossfit truly helped me do a 180 and get back to an active way of life. Over 10+ years I can honestly say I don’t ever feel bored with the workouts. Knowing the profound impact it had on my lifestyle, I decided that I wanted to be able to help others make similar changes in their lives. I received my first coaching certificate in 2013 and have continued pursuing other coaching specialties since then. I truly enjoy helping others unlock their potential and achieve the goals they felt were impossible.

Crossfit not only helped me completely overhaul my health, but I’ve also been fortunate to meet some of my best friends through relationships forged in the gym. Throughout 2 different job moves I’ve always been able to find a new gym & utilize it as a social outlet and a way to meet new people. I landed at PCFLT back in 2016 and got back into coaching about a year later. I love the community at the gym and am proud of the relationship we have in hosting local competitions throughout the year.

Outside of the gym you can usually find me doing something active or adventurous. I enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, bike rides, and hiking. I also like to spend time around anything with an engine- from riding motorcycles, to track racing, or just wrenching on vehicles.