Ed (JR) Engalan

Certifications and Achievements: CrossFit Level 1 Certified, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Member of 2014 CFLT Regional Team

Ed’s first exposure to CrossFit, like many, was from watching the Crossfit Games on ESPN and instantly google searching for the closest CrossFit box within driving distance. What started out as a place to move around heavy weight and laugh with great people, has turned into an endless discovery of
his overall fitness potential and an outlet for his competitive side.

With all the support from our amazing community, the workout programming, learning that true fitness involves eating clean as well, Ed has lost in upwards of 40+ lbs since his discovery and passion for CrossFit. He is now taking all of the endless knowledge transfers from other coaches and members in the community and paying it forward through coaching classes as well as competition classes to help our members get the most out of their own fitness and achieve their own personal goals.