August 2015

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The John Arasim Sr. Award August 2015

Awarded to:

Sarah Szuba

When/Why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in November of 2014. I asked Maddy to take me with her one day to try a workout and I’ve been coming ever since!
I started CrossFit because I was really drawn to the fact that CrossFit actually celebrates girls being strong and that strength is beautiful. All my life I’ve wanted to be strong but I was afraid of what others would think and when I came to CFLT everyone was so welcoming and encouraged someone like me to not be afraid of being strong!

How has CrossFit changed you? 

CrossFit has changed me in so many ways..where to begin? Well I’ve gone through a lot of changes in only 16 years. As a 13 year old I lost 60+ pounds and went from being an extremely overweight teenager to a regular sized girl. But even though I lost a lot of weight I still had an unhealthy body image and I began to lose too much weight. CrossFit has given me so much confidence in myself..more than I’ve ever had! CrossFit has also shown me that it’s really cool when girls can lift heavy weight (especially when it’s more than the boys!) Another way CrossFit has changed me is that I eat a lot and by a lot I mean A LOT!!

What are your strengths/weaknesses in the gym?

I don’t know if I have any big strengths but I love handstand push-ups..I’d rather do those instead of regular push-ups! I’m pretty good at hang cleans and I’ve can finally do wall balls without hitting myself in the face every if that’s not a strength I don’t know what is. Toes-to-bar, handstand walks, and muscle ups are definitely some of my biggest weaknesses that I’m trying to get better at.

What is your favorite WOD?

My favorite WOD is The Chief and I also like a chipper because I have a background in endurance events..I’m also a pretty good swimmer so if we ever put in a pool watch out!

“I’m a senior at Father Gabriel Richard High School and hope to attend MSU next year. I currently work at my dad’s office and if you’ve ever asked me about it you know how “riveting” my work is… I hope to get a degree in kinesiology and get a job involving physical fitness. I live with my mom, dad, sister Maddy, and little brother, who enjoys playing any sport, and 2 dogs. My hobbies including eating, napping, baking, and of course working out at CFLT!”

We could not be more proud of you Sarah. Keep up the good work in your journey for a healthy lifestyle!!

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