October 2014

The John Arasim Sr. AwardOctober 2014 Awarded to: Anthony Tomey When/Why did you start CrossFit?Started February of 2013. I was bored of my routine at lifetime, had heard CrossFit was the ass kickin’ I needed. How has CrossFit changed you?CrossFit has changed my mindset about weightlifting and personal health. I wasn’t a huge lifter cause …

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August 2014

The John Arasim Sr. Award August 2014 Awarded to: John Arasim Sr. When/Why did you start CrossFit?‘September 1st, 2012. I like a good workout and CF is fun and social.’ How has CrossFit changed you?My Doctor has cut the prescription pills I take in half! I have more energy. I walk the stairs now instead …

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April 2016

The John Arasim Sr. Award April 2016 Awarded to: Brianna Cooney When/Why did you start CrossFit? Technically I ‘started’ CrossFit back when CFLT was on Amelia. However, I only tried a few classes here and there. It was a lil intimidating and I wasn’t yet hooked. Once CFLT moved into Saxton’s I decided to give it another …

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March 2016

The John Arasim Sr. Award March 2016 Awarded to: Jeremy Nicholson When/Why did you start CrossFit? I started CrossFit October 2014.  I was a competitive bodybuilder in my 20’s and wanted to make a comeback in the masters division when I turned 40, but a series of injuries and setbacks keep me from making any progress. …

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February 2016

The John Arasim Sr. Award February 2016 Awarded to: Kristy Eldredge   When/Why did you start CrossFit? I started my on-ramp in March of last year. I had recently lost quite a bit of weight in a short period of time (not so healthy diet plan). Losing weight alone was not the answer for me. I …

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January 2016

The John Arasim Sr. Award January 2016 Awarded to: Michael Wheeler When/Why did you start CrossFit? I started CF in October 2014.  I’ve been into working for about 15 years and was looking for a new challenge.  I had been hearing a lot about CrossFit and decided to give it try. How has CrossFit changed you? …

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Friday April 15

Warm-up: Wall walk: 2 Push-up: 5 Ball slam: 7 6 minute AMRAP STRENGTH: FSQ 5 x 5 E3M WOD: Run: 400 M HSPU: 15 or sub-seated press with dumbbells 3 rounds for time

Thursday April 14

Warm up: Lunge: 40’ with rotation towards forward leg. Quadruped crawl: 40’ 6 min AMRAP STRENGTH: DL 5 x 10 E3M WOD: Fight Gone Bad

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