What is Fitness?

My favorite quote within CrossFit is from Rich Froning Jr, he said “God doesn’t care about CrossFit”.

He is right. God doesn’t care about CrossFit, but god does care about what CrossFit delivers to our members.

I had the pleasure, and utter luck to experience yet another CrossFit competition. Let me tell you, that every single person in that room is lucky, they are truly gifted. They all have a full functioning brain, no disabilities, most are cancer free. None are in Iraq getting shot at, nobody is starving, nobody is wondering if they will ever take a drink of water again. Everyone there was lucky to be part of that.

So what?

You might have finished last today in every workout. You might not have went UB on your wallballs. You might not have preformed how you wanted. But really at the end of the day, what does it matter? You are alive and in better health, and mental condition than 70% of the human population. Be thankful you can step foot onto that competition floor, that you have had the up bringing and the abilities to do so.

I’m here to tell you what fitness really is. The deeper edge on why you push yourself mental and physically. Why you wake up at 430am everyday ready to train or look forward to your class. Why that 1 hour of your day at the box is the best part of your day. It’s all about a greater connection we strive for on a daily basis. Some will say it’s all for money and fame, but that motivation will only get you so far. I hope the real reason, is about what I am calling fitness.

Fitness is how you handle your life. Fitness is spiritual, fitness is a room full of people who have never met and all becoming friends. Fitness is how hard you will push yourself. Fitness is a priority. Fitness is peace. Fitness is rewarding. Fitness is hard. Fitness makes you better. Fitness gives you confidence. Fitness allows you to encourage others. Fitness gives you courage. Fitness gives you accomplishments. Fitness improves your health. Fitness improves others around you. Fitness is humbling. Fitness is more powerful than you. Fitness is a goal. Fitness is a goal achieved. Fitness is energy. Fitness is life. Fitness is passion. Fitness is a culture.

Fitness is you.

Fitness brings people together, for a journey of life and self improvement. Fitness takes people out of their comfort zones and allows them to improve the lives of others. Fitness allows you to scream for someone you have never met to push harder. Fitness allows that person to listen to you, trust you, and push themselves and you harder.

What’s past all the barbells, bumpers plates, and kettlebells, is the greatest gift we can receive. It’s about a unity, the community that can only be found and discovered through fitness. Take away all the bars, and dumbbells, and all the fancy Rogue gear. Still exercise in a group, bring everyone together to compete and cheer, and you will always find the same cultural unity. The same inner connection, drive, self-improvement, energy, and inner sprit, that every single person in that room shares.

That is fitness.

That is what makes CrossFit and all of us who we are.

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