March 2015

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The John Arasim Sr. Award March 2015

Awarded to:

Tricia Cooney


When/Why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit about 4 years ago and it was because Kelly McIntosh would not stop bugging me to come in. So I came in on a day they were having a fun competition and they were all screaming and yelling and I said hell no. My son got me to come in a couple months later and I finally tried a class. I could hardly do a sit-up and everything I did was very very scaled.

How has CrossFit changed you?

I can do sit-ups now!! I don’t wear my knee brace anymore and I have a ton more motion in my knee. Also, I think about getting older and I see some of the older people that do CrossFit and how active they seem to be and I want that for myself.

What are your strengths/weaknesses in the gym?

Strengths: Snatch

Weakness: Everybody knows my weakness and I voice it way too’s running. I cried the first time I ran/walked a mile around the block on Amelia, Matt asked if I was ok and I started to cry..I’ve cried 3 times.

What is your favorite WOD?

My favorite WOD is anything that is an AMRAP.

“About my family, we are very close and I love them all to pieces. Kelly and I are high school sweethearts and we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this month. The best part of CFLT is that it’s like having another family. Love you guys.

We could not be more proud of you Tricia!!  Keep up the good work in your journey for living a healthy lifestyle!!  Keep PUSHNG!! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2015!!”

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