Jump Rope – Single Unders

Did you know that only 10 minutes of jump ropes can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging?

At CrossFit, we are all about high-intensity, short duration workouts. Our workouts will regularly consist of Jumping Rope…

In CrossFit WODs we will do Single-Unders, which I will be teaching you today. We also do Double-Unders, which are the more advanced, higher skill RX version in WODs.

A Single-Under is when you jump once and spin once.

A Double-Under is when you jump once but spin twice. This takes a lot of coordination and practice, but you will get them.

Additionally, if you are a Regionals or CrossFit Games Level athlete, you may even be doing TRIPLE UNDERS! I know, crazy right…

Why Do We Do This Movement?
Single- and Double-Unders are a great cardiovascular workout. Jumping rope will strengthen your arms, core, and legs. Plus, increase overall coordination and help build bone density.

How Do You Do This?
Our Technique: With feet together, jump on the balls of your feet. Think soft landings, getting about an inch off of the ground. Keep your arms relaxed at your side and be sure to spin your wrists, not your arms and shoulders. Watch the video I provide below for the visual.

We recommend you purchase your own jump rope and keep it in your gym bag. You do not have to purchase your own. We provide plenty of jump ropes here at the gym for you. The Jump Rope is a very personal item, and everyone has a different preference for ropes.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a rope for yourself:


Ask a Coach today or tomorrow for help. We are happy to help you figure out what type is best for you.

Where do you buy a good jump rope? What type do I recommend?

Rogue Fitness has a wide variety or RX Jump Ropes, by RX Smart Gear.

Tip: Try out a few different styles in the gym, and see which one you like best before you order one.
Click play on the video below to learn how to do the Single-Under.

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