October 2015

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The John Arasim Sr. Award October 2015

Awarded to:

Tracey Hrubiak

When/Why did you start CrossFit?

Almost 3 years ago, Jeff nicely “paid me back” with personal training sessions as an anniversary gift with a CF coach. I was way OUT of my comfort zone having never stepped into a gym, other than Curves and Jazzercise. The coach had the patience of a saint; it took me 4 months to set aside my fear and attend a regular class. Jeff had been bugging me for weeks to try CF. I watched a few classes and said, “NO WAY!” Finally I caved when he purchased PT sessions as a gift for me. Why did I continue after the PT sessions ran out? A few months after attending CF, I went for an annual bone density scan and my T- Scores had improved, even when the medical specialists stated it would highly be unlikely at my age. Boom…I showed them! Plus now I could lift a case of bottled of water in and out of the grocery cart like a BOSS 🙂

How has CrossFit changed you?

I’ve learned to step out of my comfort zone and set aside pride.  I admit, some days I still find it intimidating to be in a gym surrounded by strong, fast individuals. And that’s where pride comes in….I’ve learned to be humble and set aside perfectionist qualities all in the name of strong, healthy bones. I dislike walking into a class and knowing I’m not going to be a top performer, it’s not in my nature. With CF I’ve learned its okay to scale and in the end it’s me against me. Being humbled is not for the weak 🙂

What are your strengths/weaknesses in the gym?

Sweat angels and cheering on you strong, beautiful CF Beasts! Your enthusiasm and dedication to the sport makes me proud to know you (yes, that’s corny, but that’s me 🙂 ).

Fear of squatting with a bar overhead, kicking up on the wall for a handstand and partner WODS. Oh and did I mention, endurance, endurance, endurance! I’m pretty open about it, so it’s no secret I’ve had multiple surgeries and am colon free. Staying hydrated and absorbing proper nutrition for fuel are a constant battle yet, there are worse things in life (attitude is key!). When I told the medical specialists I was considering CF, they advised me against it stating extreme dehydration and too much stress on the joints. I’ve learned not to allow anyone to place limitations or labels on me. Anyone, regardless of age, disability or illness can CF because CF is scalable.

What is your favorite WOD?

A finished WOD is always GLORIOUS! I like circuit WODS where you move from one station to another.

I’m blessed to be the mom of two wonderful sons (Tyler 20 and Jasper 15). My husband of almost 24 years, Jeff, is the true love of my life even if at times I want to auction him off on EBAY 🙂 I love to be silly, laugh and volunteer for others less fortunate in our community. I’ve often been told I’m too direct, yet I believe life is too short to not speak what’s on your mind, with respect of course. I’m humbled to be nominated for this award as I don’t consider myself an athlete (never played sports in my life…hey, do ballet classes count?), yet I thank you for the recognition. More importantly I thank all of you for embracing Jeff and I into your CF family!

Congrats Tracey!!  Thank you for always encouraging and inspiring others in their journey for a healthy lifestyle!!  Your smiling face is infectious!  Keep up the good work!

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