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We are located at:

9155 General Ct

Plymouth MI 48170

Phone: (734) 392-7859

Imagine yourself in just 25 days from now. You could be 10 lbs lighter,stronger, full of energy, and feeling great about yourself.
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^^^ Trusted by over 1,000 men & women
from our Plymouth community.
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Dropping into a box is exciting, fun, and can be a little intimidating. Don’t worry one of our Core Values is that we strive to be a welcoming environment for all.
7 Reasons You Should Drop In at CrossFit Lower Town
  • Ease of Use: Reserve Sign the Waiver & Book Your Spot Here
  • Friendly and welcoming Coaches Greet You Upon Arrival
  • Easy Parking & Access
  • Clean Floors & Sanitized Equipment + Well Organized Facility with All Rogue equipment
  • Wide Range of Daily Classes & Open Gym hours
  • Receive Coaching feedback from experienced Coaches with multiple areas of expertise.
  • Competitive Challenging WODs in a high energy atmosphere.