Jump Rope – Double Unders

The movement I am sharing with you today is, drumroll please…

The Double-Under!

Why are Double-Unders more effective than Singles?

-Stimulates the central nervous system to improve reaction speeds
-Fast rebounding jumping action builds fast-twitch, type II muscle fibers
-Helps to build explosive power and coordination while under fatigue

Information Worth Noting: Do not get frustrated trying to learn this movement. Have patience and practice…a lot!

It has taken some of our athletes two minutes to learn Double-Unders and some of our athletes two years.

Do not be afraid to mess up or trip up. You might have to start doing a double, then a single, until you can connect multiple Double-Unders together.

Take Action Now:
Step 1: Set a goal that for the next two weeks. Practice Double-Unders for 10 minutes everyday. By the end of the two weeks, you should have mastered the double-under. Start today!

Step 2: Click play on the video below and watch the visual “How to” video on Double-Unders.

Step 3: Check out the PDF Downloadable Guide here that includes our tips to help you master and learn the Double-Under.

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