The Clean

CrossFit has been held responsible for making Olympic Lifting mainstream…

…because of CrossFit, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk are household names.

Before CrossFit, the Clean was something only college, professional, or Olympic level athletes would utilize in their exercise routines.

There are three fundamental movements that make up Olympic Weightlifting:
1. Snatch
2. Clean
3. Jerk

Today we are going to learn the Clean. CrossFit HQ says…
“There’s no part of your physical development that can’t be positively impacted by developing and improving your clean. The benefits to strength, flexibility, power, speed, accuracy, agility, coordination, and balance are directly proportionate to the load you can clean, and the benefits to your cardiorespiratory endurance and stamina are directly proportionate to the reps and load you can clean.”

Pro Tips to Improve the Clean:
1. During the first pull, the shoulders and chest should stay over the bar, and the back angle should remain the same.
2. Strong Hip Drive
3. Land with weight in your heels
4. Land with knees outs and elbows up tall

Common Mistake Made in the Clean
What is one of the most common mistakes we see experienced CrossFitters make in the Clean?

Our answer: Not finishing the pull.

Meaning you are to eager to jump under the bar and not reach full-body triple extension at the top of the lift before dropping under to the receiving position of the Clean.

This mistake will steal a lot of your precious power from your hips. If you are not applying all of your force upward on the bar before dropping under, this could be the main reason why you have not been able to make massive PRs on the clean. Especially when you know it is a weight you can lift.
Click here to download the PDF Guide on “The Clean,” and also click play on the video below to see a visual demo and more tips to master the Clean.

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