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Proven fitness programs for busy women who want quick and lasting fitness results.

Step 1: All new clients start with a complimentary 1-on-1 assessment.

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^^^ Trusted by over 1,000 men & women
from our Plymouth community.

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Fitness Analysis Includes:
  • Fitness & Movement Assessment
  • One-on-one workout to “try it out”
  • Goal Planning Strategy Session
  • Nutrition Action Plan
  • Tour our World Class Training Facility
  • Detailed overview of what package is right for you.
No hard pressure sales tactics like most gyms...
Start Here | Free Fitness Analysis
^^^ Trusted by over 1,000 men & women
from our Plymouth community.
Discover the CrossFit that Gets You Fit And Challenges Your Body Every Time.
Lower Town's Personal Training Programs Are Guaranteed To Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life!
If you want faster fitness results. Personal Training is the program option for you.
So what exactly is different about our Personal Training programs, compared to all other programs out there?
We've been working with our clients over the years and have perfected a faster method to burn fat, build muscle, and lose inches.
It's a combination of individual one-on-one, high intensity workouts specifically designed around your personal goals. Plus teaching and providing you with healthily eating habits – NOT A DIET.
But here's the coolest part about Personal Training... the results come FAST. In fact, Personal Training clients see AMAZING results in ONLY 12 sessions, and will reach their fitness and fat loss goals 2-3x FASTER than with regular classes!
It is a comprehensive workout program designed with your genetics, body type, strength, and weaknesses in mind. It’s a program created by experienced and Certified Fitness Professional exactly for you!
Why Personal Training is More Effective:
  • 1 to 1 Coach to Athlete Ratio
  • Regular Body Composition Analysis - to track your progress and monitor guarantee your results.
  • Customized Workout Program - personalized to your genetics, body type, schedule, weaknesses, and individual goals.
  • Increased Accountability - a Coach will be here specifically ready to work with just you. Coaches hold you accountable to attending each session.
  • Personalized Nutrition Program - to match your goals. This includes specifics on how to improve performance, mood, increase energy, and create changes to your body with the food you eat.
  • Easy Scheduling - Coaches accommodate to your busy schedule. Exclusive times available all throughout the day, everyday.
Start Here | Free Fitness Analysis
^^^ Trusted by over 1,000 men & women
from our Plymouth community.

See the results from Plymouth residents just like you
who are using our proven Personal Training
Meet Kayla
"I've seen substantial progress, not only on a physical level...I feel more like I did in college! "
Meet Lou Ann

Lou Ann doesn't just look great she feels more energetic & productive.

Due to limited space and high demand of our Personal Training services, we only offer these high level exclusive programs to people who qualify for them. Those who are seriously committed to achieving results.
In order to achieve these incredibly quick results. You must be willing to follow our proven successful plan and formula..
Are you willing to do this? If so, continue reading…
Dear Plymouth Resident,

Hi, I am Tonya Barker and I want to make it my personal mission to help you finally reach your fitness, strength building, and fat loss goals. The same way I have already done for 1000's of others.

With my proven Personal Training methods, coaching, support and accountability, it is nearly impossible for you to fail.

You just have to be ready to commit and take action on the things I teach and prescribe for you to do.

It's that easy, you just have to make up your mind that right now, it is your time!

Don't Put Off Achieving Your Health & Fitness Goals For Any Longer!
Imagine how easy achieving the results you desire will be with someone telling you exactly what you need to do..

The best part about this program is how easy it is for you to test-drive our program, and for us to show you that we're the right place to help you succeed!
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30 Day Risk Free
"Results Absolutely Guaranteed"
Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will love our training experience, see amazing results, feel better, and feel right at home. We will be removing all worry and doubt by offering a 30 day full money back guarantee.

Give us a chance by committing fully to our program as directed by your personal coach for 30 days. If, after following our program as designed for the first 30 days, you feel you have not experienced results or that our program will not get you to your goal, we will happily refund your money.

1. Where is Plymouth CrossFit Lower Town located?

Plymouth CrossFit Lower Town

9155 General Ct

Plymouth MI 48170

2. How can I contact you with questions?
You can call or text us at (734) 392-7859 or click here to send us a email.
3. What if I am unable to attend a session?
As a added benefit of Personal Training. You have the freedom to modify your schedule. Simply let us know in advance, and we will happily reschedule your session.
4. What if I am really out of shape and super nervous?
We were all once new to CrossFit. Trust us, you’ll be totally fine. Our experienced Coaches specialize in working with beginners. We have modifications for every exercise. We design each workout to your fitness level. We do this all day everyday.
5. I have an injury. Can I still do Personal Training?
Absolutely! We can work around any injuries and modify the workout to avoid causing any pain to your body.