Fundamental Movement: The Med-Ball Clean

Learning the Med-Ball Clean is a prerequisite movement to learning the Barbell Clean.

Perfecting Med-Ball Cleans will allow you to better understand the parts and pieces of the Barbell Clean.

Here at CrossFit, we have a saying, “If you are unable to do it correctly with 10 lbs., you will not do it correctly with 100 lbs.”

We think CrossFit HQ says it best here: “The Medicine Ball Clean efficiently demonstrates to the athlete the critical sequence of the hip accelerating the object to maximum extension, the hip retreating toward the squat, and finally, the hip squatting the object to full extension.”

Please check out the Two-Part Video Series below to learn properly perform the Med-Ball Clean.

Once we learn proper form and technique on the Med-Ball Clean, we will progress into the Barbell Clean…

Part 1 Video:

Part 2 Video:

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