The Wallball

Lets talk about Wall Balls…

Tip 1: It is easy to get lazy and tired when doing a lot of Wall Balls in a row. Our Coaches are here to hold you accountable to ROM (Range of Motion) meaning…

If you are able, we want to see your hip crease go below your knee. Now, we understand if you are working through some mobility issues with the squat, eventually staying disciplined to your daily mobility habits will get you there.

When first learning Wall Balls, be sure to grab a 6-lb., 8-lb., 10-lb., or 12-lb. ball…

Our philosophy as a Coaching staff is we would rather have you start light, learn proper form and technique, then progress to heavy weight.

Most CrossFit WODs will call for 20-lb. Wallballs for the men and 14-lb. Wallballs for women. This takes time to build up to.

Wait until we do “Karen” – a CrossFit Benchmark WOD that consists of 150 Wall Balls for time!

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